Paint Strippers

Paint stripping is a cost effective and safe way to remove various paint types from all different substrates. Depending on your application, paint stripping methods can vary. Common ways to apply chemical strippers is by immersion, brush, or spray applications. Immersion is the most common as parts and hooks can be left in a tank to strip while workers can perform other important tasks.

Paint stripping is useful when parts have to be reworked or recoated which otherwise would have to be thrown away. Once the paint is removed, the part can be cleaned, pretreated, and painted again without any damage to the underlying substrate.

Paint Stripping is even more important for companies who Powder Coat or E-Coat as it is critical that all racks and hooks are clean of paint to maintain electrical conductivity.

What happens if your hooks and racks are poorly maintained?

– Reduced Transfer Efficiency
– Inconsistent Film Builds
– Wasted Paint
– Potential Fire and Safety Hazard

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WestChem offers many different types of paint strippers to meet the various demands of the manufacturing and coatings industry.

UltraStrip SD – Ambient temperature paint stripper that has low odour and dissolves paint.

MultiStrip AT – Heavy duty, solvent based paint stripper that undercuts and lifts paints. 

Westrip Steel RTU

Westrip Aluminum RTU