Specialty Fluids

WestChem offers a variety of other specialty fluids for your machining and metalworking applications.  This includes vanishing oils, hydroforming and tube mill products.


EZ Form VO Plus is a mineral spirit based product, evaporating lubricant / coolant ideal for glass cutting & light to medium duty, painted & non‐painted, multi‐metal forming operations.

Lubricut MLV is a high performance neat metalworking lubricant designed especially to replace liquid coolants. It is usually applied through mist applicators. It may be used in all types of metalworking applications including the more severe operations such as sawing, broaching, and tapping. It is based on natural esters.

Fenella Fluid F 501 is a water soluble, oil & graphite free release-agent for warm & hot forging of ferrous & some non ferrous metals.