Rust Preventatives

WestChem offers a full line of Synthetic, Solvent and Oil based corrosion preventatives. Ideal for indoor/outdoor storage and shipping applications. Keeps your parts free of rust and corrosion.


Rustarest 32 is a unique blend of petroleum solvents and corrosion inhibitors allowing superior resistance in a virtually dry to the touch film. It is designed to be used as received and applied by spray, brush or immersion. Excellent corrosion resistant film that achieves one year in door storage in most applications.

EZ Guard Heavy Film 19 is a rust preventative oil that can be applied by spray, brush or immersion. It gives excellent long term (30‐60 days) rust protection under high humidity and acid vapour conditions. Its unique formulation allows it to be applied to hot metal.

Ferrocote 61A US is an automotive approved rust preventative providing protection against normal humidity and acidic atmospheres found in industrial environments. It is non-staining, provides excellent resistance to stain and varnish where metal-to-metal contact is present, and rapidly displaces moisture.

Ferrocote 5856 Series is a barium-free solventdispersed corrosion preventive with a ultra-thin film protection. It provides up to six months of indoor protection from rust and corrosion depending on conditions.

Quakerclean 624CP This non-chlorinated heavy-duty machining and grinding oil provides a high degree of lubrication. It is suitable for use on all grades of steel, including difficult-to machine high-nickel alloys. 

Westguard 13E is a water emulsifiable rust preventative concentrate. It has been specifically formulated to be applied over a zinc or manganese phosphate coating.

Techseal 2000 is a non-caustic rust inhibitor that provides short term indoor protection specifically useful when parts are exposed to moist environments with inadequate drying time/equipment. It does not contain nitrates or petroleum solvents and offers exceptional user and environmental safety.