Neat and Honing Oils

We specialize in value-added products for honing, grinding, gear hobbing, drilling, gun-drilling, broaching, tapping and threading, flute grinding and more.

Our emphasis is on non-chlorinated additive technology as well as ester (natural or synthetic) based products for even more enhanced productivity through better tool life and parts finish. Our focus always is also to provide a “healthier environment for the worker”.


Garia 405 M-22 is a special purpose, low misting, honing & polishing oil with medium viscosity, excellent wetting properties for ferrous & non-ferrous metals. It is especially designed for diamond tools.

Lubricut 2040 X is a low misting, superior lubricity cutting oils designed for various applications where increased performance is required. A version with chlorinated extreme pressure additive is intended for very heavy duty applications including punching, fine blanking & broaching. It is copper inactive.

Lubricut GD 34 is low viscous, high performance neat metalworking oil for machining of steel. It is especially designed for severe gun drilling operations in high-strength steel and can be successfully used in BTA, single-lip or ejector deep drilling techniques.

Quakercut 016 ESP This non-chlorinated heavy-duty machining and grinding oil provides a high degree of lubrication. It is suitable for use on all grades of steel, including difficult-to machine high-nickel alloys. This product contains synthetic ester and new non-chlorinated extreme pressure technology.