Metalworking Fluids

From a conventional machine to a sophisticated CNC Machining Center, Central System or Hydroforming Press, the last thing you need is an under-achieving metalworking fluid. Quaker Houghton is the leading global manufacturer of metalworking coolants, cutting and grinding oils, stamping & drawing lubricants, hydroforming compounds, corrosion preventives and cleaners, all of which are engineered for high performance and high value. Let WestChem help you increase your through-put with our line of ultra-stable high performance fluids.

Our technical staff have many years of experience in the metalworking fluids industry, and research and development in fluid formulations and design. Our product development staff is constantly working to develop high technology-advantaged products that improve productivity, quality and parts finish, as well as the environmental impact of our products for our customers. Our sales representatives understand our customers’ processes, and serve as application specialists to answer questions and help our customers solve problems. Our metalworking fluid philosophy is based on two approaches; firstly – the more traditional and stable technology which still performs very well, and secondly, the high performance line which leads to lowest overall operating cost for the customer, which is based on our latest development and technologies.

It is our objective to reduce our customers’ operating costs. Our performance products are more effective and can be used at significantly lower concentrations.