Aluminum Pretreatment

WestChem Technologies is the licensed distributor for Bulk Chemical USA.  Bulk Chemicals is the world leader in pretreatment technology for the coated aluminum extrusion, railing and profile market.  Bulk Chemicals developed the patented E-CLPS® series brand of chrome-free products to the aluminum architectural market. E-CLPS® series is now the most popular chrome-free pretreatment in the world.  It was developed to reduce operational costs, improve worker safety, and provide superior quality and performance.

The E-CLPS® series process conforms to all global standards including A.A.M.A. 2605, 2604 and 2603 specifications as well as other international approvals from GSB International and QualitCoat.

Etching Alkaline Cleaners

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Etching Acid Cleaners and Brighteners

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Acid Desmutters and De-Oxidizers

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Chrome Free Treatment for Aluminum

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