New Technology Increases Paint Performance and Reduces Phosphate Discharge in Waste Water

Across Canada, there has been more and more pressure on manufacturers to reduce phosphate levels and usage as high levels can be damaging to aquatic life, eco systems, and promotes Eutrophication in local bodies of water.

X-BOND and ZIRCOSEAL are environmentally friendly options that replace an iron phosphates with a zirconium based conversion coating. Zirconium technology has numerous benefits such as:

  • Environmentally Compliant – Greatly reduces and/or eliminated phosphates (depending on product)
  • Improved Corrosion Resistance – Improved salt spray performance on all metal types.
  • Operates at Ambient Temperature – Fuel savings as it does not require heat
  • Less maintenance – Much less scale is produced reducing down time for cleaning.
  • Simple Testing – Controlled by titration and pH. No need for expensive equipment.
  • Multi-metal Safe – Can be used on steel, aluminum, sating coat and other types of metals.

X-BOND replaces traditional cleaner/coater iron phosphates and in most cases can be a drop in place solution for 2-5 stage washers, spray wand and immersion systems.

ZIRCOSEAL can be used as a dry in place sealer in the final step of pre-treatment, or it can be rinsed off. With enforcement of phosphate regulations tightening up, WestChem has solutions to keep your business moving forward without any compromise to performance.

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