WestKleen XBlast

WestKleen XBlast
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WestKleen XBlast –  is a single component acidic gel concentrate containing specific inhibitors that protect mild steel while accelerating the acid action in dissolving corrosion and scale accumulation. WestKleen XBlast is also phosphate and APE-free and will remove the following:

  • Rust
  • Mill Scale
  • Heat Scale
  • Weld Smoke
  • Laser Scale


The viscosity of the WestKleen XBlast allows it to “cling” to the substrate and provide sufficient contact time to achieve the required preparation.

WestKleen XBlast may greatly reduce labour by eliminating the need to mechanically blast or manually buff/sand the substrate.

This product allows shop staff to apply the XBlast to the required parts and let it dwell for an extended period of time. During this time, the staff member can conduct other productive tasks that ultimately increase throughput and efficiency.

How does it work ? See video below

Removes Surface Rust!

Removes Hot Rolled Mill Scale

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