NiMac Nickel Processes

NiMac Nickel Processes
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The culmination of generations of nickel product development, NiMac is the right choice when you need a “pure white” nickel finish with true depth, leveling and luster, even at low thickness levels. The NiMac product range includes bright, semi-bright and microporous systems for both rack and barrel applications.

NiMac Product Range

The NiMac range of products include:

NiMac 1000 – Maximum brightness and leveling
NiMac Challenger Plus – Bright, leveled, robust
NiMac Clarion II – Bright, low stress, high ductility
NiMac Levelloy – High leveling nickel alloy
NiMac SB – Semi bright, low stress
Hypore XL – Microporous nickel
NiMac Hi-S – High activity nickel for multilayer nickel

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