Ecoclean Purple

Ecoclean Purple
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Ecoclean Purple is a high performance floor cleaning specifically formulated for machine shops and manufacturers.

It is designed for use on concrete floors and is effective on oils, grease, rubber skid marks, and other common industrial floor soils. ECOCLEAN PURPLE is especially effective in floor scrubbers.

ECOCLEAN PURPLE is designed to provide fast drying. ECOCLEAN PURPLE cleans and seals concrete by building up a clear, protective coating which is non‐slippery.

  • 100% fireproof, while emitting no toxic fumes
  • Non‐abrasive and effective in cold and hot water
  • Reduces scrubbing and rinsing with excellent wetting
  • Low‐foaming
  • Can be applied by mop, brush, soak tank, spray, pressure sprayer, or floor scrubbing machines
  • Concentrated liquid designed to reduce freight costs


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