Zinc / Manganese Phosphate

Heavy Zinc/Manganese Phosphate is most commonly used in the oilfield industry for pipe threads, couplings, collars, premium connections, downhole tools.  The phosphate coating absorbs rust inhibiting lubricants to help reduce friction, prevent galling, and protect the part from corrosion. All of WestChem’s phosphate products are capable of meeting the customer required coating weights while holding a tight and fine crystal structure.

Many OEM Manufacturers have their own line of premium connectors, drill pipe and tools. They require stringent process control and high quality phosphate coatings.  Our Zinc/Manganese Phosphates meet all requirements in the industry, in many cases they are being used every day by OEM manufacturers across North America.

WestChem is pleased to be in partnership with MacDermid Industrial Solutions. This arrangement has allowed WestChem to provide industry leading phosphate products to Western Canadian manufacturers. MacDermid Products can be seen at some of the largest oil and gas companies in Texas and Louisiana; and now in Western Canada.

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