Specialty Products

WestChem supplies several specialty chemicals for unique metal finishing demands. They can often save time and money – ultimately increasing productivity and profitability.

WestChem Anti-Spatter
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WestChemBar is a water based soluble wax material formulated for application on body in white metals prior to solder or welding operations.  WestChemBar eliminates spatter adherence associated with these operations and can be readily removed from the surface in the subsequent solder grind washer or the cleaning and rinse stages of the phosphate operations.… read more

Heat Exchange Cleaner 1900
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HEC 1900 is a liquid Phosphoric Acid based material which readily dissolves the sludge that builds up in the heat exchangers.… read more

Scale Remover 22
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Scale Remover 22 is a liquid acid concentrate designed to dissolve phosphate sludge and hard water scale accumulation from pre-treatment system stages and other equipment.… read more

Stage Cleaner 247
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Alkaline cleaner designed for removing scales resulting from insoluble soaps, calcium hardness, grease buildup and other minerals.  Eliminates the need to use corrosive and dangerous acids.  It is usually applied to descale tanks, heat exchangers filters and other equipment.

Paint Detackification Chemistry
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Paint Detackification is a process in which liquid paint overspray is captured in a water source combined with a specialty chemical that “detackifies” paint and renders the particles Non-Sticky and Non-Tacky.… read more

Wastewater Treatment Chemistry
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Chemfloc 300 and WestPac 03 – Westchem’s treatment products/process are used to precipitate trace metals and remove them from the wastewater stream.  This allows manufacturers to comply to local wastewater bylaws.

Mazide 7330
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is a broad spectrum, non-oxidizing biocide approved for use in electrodeposition primer systems and paint spray booth air washer systems. It provides exceptional control over microbiological  growth and is particularly well suited for use in installations with high levels of process contamination. 7330 is effective in controlling bacteria and fungi.

Citra-Safe Hand Sanitizer
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Citra-Safe Sanitizer Gel – NPN 80107234

Citra-Safe Sanitizer Gel is manufactured in our Calgary, AB facility.

Citra-Safe Sanitizer Gel is a thickened hand sanitizer than contains 70% USP Grade Ethanol, has a pleasant citrus fragrance and keeps hands moisturized.

Citra-Safe guarantees the use of USP Grade Ethanol for user safety.

Many hand sanitizers in the current market use technical grade ethanol that has high amounts of Acetaldehyde. Technical grade products have been deemed unsafe for children, pregnant and breastfeeding women. In addition, technical grade ethanol has an unpleasant odour.

USP Grade Ethanol must be Less than 10 PPM of Acetaldehyde.

The government of Canada has temporarily approved Technical Grade Ethanol that has between 11-400PPM of Acetaldehyde. Most have 300-400PPM.



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1L Bottle Case (12 Bottles w/dispenser pumps) = $ 106.92

3.78L Jug (with dispenser pump) = $ 24.84

3.78L Jug Case (4 Jugs w/dispenser pumps) = $94.40

20L Pail (each pail comes with dispenser pump) = $ 144.69

205L Drum = $ 1,251.74

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