Semi Synthetics

LubricorSemi-synthetic coolants create a stable emulsion with water and contain < 20% oil content.  They offer the benefits of a soluble oil and a full synthetic.  Excellent for a wide range of machines/applications and materials.


HydroSol 5035
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HYDROSOL 5035 is a high performance, ultra-stable semi-synthetic metalworking coolant yielding exceptional results. With its progressive engineering the all new HYDROSOL 5035 isn’t just different from any other coolant – it’s nothing short of game-changing.

HYDROSOL 5035 has been engineered to be ultra-stable and deliver exceptional tool life leading to reduced cycle times and increased throughput resulting in significant savings for the end user, not to mention no Monday morning odors.

  • Game Changing Coolant
  • No Monday Morning Odors – Highest bio-stability without hazardous biocides. Long sump life
  • Ultra Stable Emulsion – Low shear rate will decrease consumption
  • Superior Lubricity Package – Increases tool life and saves you money
  • Improved Health, Safety and Environmental – Operator/machine friend
HydroSol 5035 H
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Chlorine free lubricity package.  Capable of heavy duty machining applications.


HydroSol 5035 XHD
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For severe operations such as gun drilling, broaching, tapping and other heavy duty applications

HydroSol 5035 S
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Economical choice for price conscious machine shops.  Medium to heavy duty machining.  Chlorine free formula