Decorative Plating

WestChem offers a variety of fashion finishes for the decorative plating market.  This includes nickel, chrome and copper systems.

Decorative Nickel

NiMac Nickel Processes
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The culmination of generations of nickel product development, NiMac is the right choice when you need a “pure white” nickel finish with true depth, leveling and luster, even at low thickness levels. The NiMac product range includes bright, semi-bright and microporous systems for both rack and barrel applications.… read more

Decorative Chrome

Trivalent chrome systems

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TriMacIII is the “industry standard” for trivalent chrome plating. Environmentally friendlier than hexavalent chromium, It is able to achieve a deposit thickness in excess of 0.3 microns (12 microinches), while providing a deposit that is virtually indistinguishable from hexavalent chrome deposits. The system is easy and economical to operate. TriMacIII is automotive-approved for both interior and exterior applications.

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Twilite is an environmentally-friendlier trivalent chrome-based process that produces an attractive, lustrous dark chrome deposit.

Hexavalent chrome systems

Mach 2
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Mach 2  is a triple catalyst system makes Mach 2 unbeatable in throwing power and color, producing a beautiful blue-white deposit. Easy to control and maintain, Mach 2 is the first choice of many of today’s leading finishers.

MACrome 8210
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MACrome 8210 produces a brilliant decorative finish. This is MacDermid’s market leading product due to its simplicity and consistency in operation and performance

Decorative Copper

Acid Copper
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Acid Copper – Our CuMac line provides high leveling even at elevated operating temperatures. The CuMac product range has been specifically developed for applications such as plating on aluminum wheels, plastic substrates, zinc-based die castings as well as brass and steel substrates.

Alkaline Copper
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Alkaline Copper – On substrates such as zinc base die castings and steel, a copper layer deposited from an alkaline solution is recommended. MacDermid alkaline ‘strike’ systems ensure excellent adhesion of the subsequent pyrophosphate, acid copper and nickel layers. In addition CuMac pyrophosphate deposits exhibit excellent deposit levelling.